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History of Farecogaz

  • 2011 Merger of FAREGAZ and FACOGAZ
    The two associations FAREGAZ and FACOGAZ were merged into a new association named FARECOGAZ – The association of European manufacturers of gas metering equipment, gas pressure regulators and associated safety devices and stations in Brussels. The merger of the two associations offers clear synergies and it will now be easier to leverage these. In addition, bundling their technological competence under one common roof gives the new association an even stronger voice in the gas market, which is growing rapidly in significance. A further reason for the merger can be found in the fact that the same contact person with a customer or authority is often responsible for both associations; communication with these should thus be both smoother and more intense in future.
  • 1997
    Revised statutes have been approved by the FAREGAZ and FACOGAZ Plenary Meetings in Germany and Austria (existing statues modified and adapted to the new economic situation in Europe taking into account new technologies, new requirements amd new legislation).
  • 1988
    FACOGAZ President M. Brodin proposes to the President of Marcogaz, Mr. Molinary, to work together on elastomers in a common working group (Comite liaison CL 5). The document CL 5 (requirements for gas meters) has been the basis for the future European standard on diaphragm gas meters.
  • 1974
    Foundation of Liaison Committee MARCOGAZ - FACOGAZ Comité de Liaison CL 6 President of MARCOGAZ Prof. Schelberger (CEO Ruhrgas AG) Support by Dr. Dienelt, Hamburger Gaszählerfabrik, and Chairman DVGW Technical Committee Low Pressure Gas Measurement. Annual FAREGAZ and FACOGAZ Meetings held with rotation in the Countries of the Members. Further Rotation of the General Secretariat: Dr.-Ing. Tillmann, FAREGAZ and FACOGAZ Baron de la Croix, FAREGAZ and FACOGAZ J. Senave, FACOGAZ Dr. Burger, FAREGAZ and FACOGAZ
  • 1973
    The Liason Technical Commission CL 12 MARCOGAZ/FAREGAZ has been decided in the joined meeting in Frankfurt with the purpose to eliminate obstacles for European harmonized technical rules.
  • 1972 TC Facogaz year of foundation
    Constitutional Meeting of the FACOGAZ Technical Committee President of the TC: Mr. Schulz, Kromschröder AG, Germany
  • 1971 FAREGAZ year of foundation
    In Paris, the Association of the European Manufacturers of Gas. Pressure Regulators and Safety Devices was founded and named FAREGAZ with the main object to create an European standard for gas pressure regulators in order to do away with obstacles in International trade. First FAREGAZ organization : 25 manufacturers ( Six from Germany, one from Belgium, eight from France, five from Italy and five 5 from the Netherlands). TC FAREGAZ year of foundation: Constitutional Meeting of the FAREGAZ Technical Committee in Milan; President of the TC: Mr Minkner (Regel-Messtechnik).
  • 1969 FACOGAZ year of foundation
    FACOGAZ Fabricants des Compteurs du Gaz. President: M. Dutruy, Compagnie de Compteur, France Vicepresident: and Head of the German Delegation: Dr.Otto, Kromschöder AG, Member of the Lower Saxon Landtag, Germany. General Secretary: Mr. Seebacher, Germany